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Swallowable Parfum


Swallowable Parfum

Swallowable Parfum is a cosmetic pill that works from the inside, emitting fragrance through the skin’s surface when you perspire.


Body as Atomiser – This is a story where technology is the size of a blood cell and our skin is programmed to emit a biologically enhanced fragrance. Swallowable Parfum was developed alongside synthetic biologist, Sharef Mansy, where the body is turned into an atomizer and the skin sweats cosmetics.


The scientific potential behind Swallowing Parfum provokes entirely new ground for people suffering hyperhidrosis; a compulsive sweating disorder. Swallowable Parfum “gave me hope to a condition that has no real effective sure”, says one reader. If this tech is possible, what things greater than this could exist?


Part of the Swallowable Parfum project was a performance that used the gallery as a laboratory and place to prototype scientific “What if’s”. Immersive experiences, like these engage the public and provide a platform to explore the emotional impact technologies have and how scientific breakthroughs are slowly transforming the body.


What happens if we could eat technology?
Does the body become the technology?


Swallowable Parfum Live Lab

The Swallowable Parfum Live Lab used the gallery as a laboratory setting to prototype scientific “What if’s” via guided immersive experiences for an audience of 300.


Explore the emotional impact technologies may have, this Live Lab took audiences on speculative journey where Swallowable Parfum is manufactured, packaged and digested. Film sets were simultaneously viewed by a live audience of 300, exploring the idea of extending experiences beyond the film screen.