Future Day Spa


Future Day Spa

Personalised, guided experience, offering treatments that evoke states of love, trust & relaxation.


2015. Science Fiction Wellness – Replicating the feeling of being hugged, audiences temporarily hand their bodies over to a part–human, part–machine process that induces the body into a state of relaxation.


Guided by a therapist, participants enter a clean room and lay down underneath a pressurised sheet, as a controlled vacuum is applied to the entire body. Biometric technologies are integrated into each treatment capturing physiological changes to the body. Clients review their depth of their relaxation and how they compared to previous visitors.


The emotional changes brought on by restricted movement moves this work into the “market of pleasure” – Could new kinds of isolation be developed to treat spectrums of autism? Whether it’s ridding hangovers or treating social isolation, transcending people has great value.


Over 100 clients have been treated, some saying “it got rid of hangovers”, “felt like I was back inside the womb”. One client disclosed he suffered haphephobia; a fear being touched, and said it “felt like an embrace and could he take one home?” After his treatment, he responded, by hugging his therapist (the artist).